Looking for more deals? Need money to invest? Looking for a community of other investors to accelerate your investing career? We have weekly mastermind meetings where you will be surrounded by other local real estate investors doing exactly what you want to be doing. We welcome both new and experienced investors. Whether you want to be an active investor or completely passive there is an opportunity for you here. Come find out more by clicking below.

Real estate is an amazing business and has created millions of millionaires. Does it mean you should quit your job for it? Watch and see what I think. 

Quit Your 9 to 5???
You can get destroyed in this business! It is not all rainbows & unicorns and newbies learn the hard way. Before you escape your 9 to 5 you need to be trained. Step one: sign up to receive my mini-training series. I will email you videos outlining exactly what you're going to need to begin investing in real estate so you don't make major mistakes. We want to make money, not lose it. You will also receive emails pertaining to up coming live trainings and networking events.

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“For me, it has provided all the resources and information I was missing. Although I have invested in Real Estate before and only one other time, there were so many key concepts and information I was never exposed to before. This group gave me the confidence to move forward and quick.”

“I’ve tried learning real estate investing alone but there is nothing like having a community supporting your journey. They’ve provided me with resources, knowledge and experience because they invest locally. It’s been priceless”


“Being an investor before the group I thought I had it all together. The education and the people in the group has helped me realize what being a true investor is all about. The group not only has helped me professionally grow my business beyond my wildest dreams but has helped me recognize who am I personally.”


“You're worth more than your paycheck.”

When you figure out how to create wealth from your thoughts you will never worry about money ever again. Want to come to a meeting in Philadelphia, PA or Cherry Hill, NJ email me at Hoan@iescapedmy9to5.com