I got into real estate in 2009 when I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book taught me how real estate is a powerful vehicle because it has built in systems that everyone understands. To this day I don’t love real estate for the bricks, it’s all about the numbers for me. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s in financial engineering so I really appreciate how real estate allows me to be number focused. I’ve been able to create financial freedom using real estate and I have grown a passion for showing others how to do the same thing. I believe that the more you give the more you’ve get and through the real estate business I’ve been able to get plenty. It’s a wonderful industry to invest in alone or in conjunction with you job or other business. People will always need a place to work and live, be the provider. There are so many different ways to do real estate so pick a method that you like and are good at. Through real estate create your wealth and freedom so you can spend your time doing what you’re passionate about. Don’t force your passions to make money for you, that’s a sure way to kill it. I’ve grown to love the career I’ve created in real estate because it affords me the time and money freedom to pursue my passions. It can do the same for you. 


TYpes of Money

Leverage Strength

Philosophy & Theories


Nourish your inner child. Look for more answers. Question everything. The world is huge and there are so many ways to accomplish what you want.

Increase Value

The money you make is a reflection of how much value you're adding to any situation. Get smarter. more value = more money.


Value your time. Figure out the fastest way to accomplish what you want. Buy a course, hire a mentor, create a team. Time > Money

Give First

Give and you shall receive, but it happens in that order. Help other people, share your knowledge, make others rich, and you shall be rewarded.


The fear may not go away so you'll have to take action while being scared. Have courage. Fire - Aim - Ready. You've been preparing. You got this.


Everyone is unique, but we hide that and try to blend in. The world needs you, not a replica of someone else. Find your voice and be you, unapologetically.

Inner Gift

You have a gift that the world needs. Being afraid and staying behind your cubical wall prevents the world from experiencing the gift that is you.

Stay Ready

Life happens, be prepared. Learn more, mitigate risk, have a plan, build a team, have cash reserves, make more than you need.

Be Smart

Be book smart and street smart. Be a numbers person, people person and a business person. Knowing more will only help you, never hurt you.


Luck does exist, but not for those who aren't in the game. Dot i's and cross t's then take your shot. Fortune and luck favors the bold