Fear of Tomorrow

Feb 4th, 2020

“May I aim to improve myself so much that next year I am embarrassed by who I am today.” That was a post I put up on Facebook to remind myself I need to remain courages and become better and better everyday. It’s easy to be comforted by the knowingness of today, even if you don’t love how your life is. It’s easier, if only mentally, to deal with your current problems than to take on anything new. “What if I can’t handle the new situation? What if my life becomes worse?” All possible scenarios. Also possible scenarios “Wow things are so much better financially, mentally, and physically. Why did I wait so long to take action?” All the things I took on made me so much better as a person. I am glad I evolved.”

It’s easy to fear the unknowns of tomorrow, but everything you currently have was once an unknown. Be bold in your life for you only get one.