Interchangeable Currencies


Time, the currency that doesn’t ever get replaced. We use it and we lose it. We never get younger. Time never stops. This unfortunate fact is why when people give away their time for money (not even much money at that) they are making a very bad trade. 

People get very excited to get paid $50/hour. That’s about $100k/year salary. $50/hr is a very respectable income. If I changed the wording ever so slightly and said your life is worth $50/hr you suddenly feel very different. Your life is equivalent to a pair of pants or a small dinner.

So what’s the solution? Switch the goal. Exchange everything you can so you can have more time. Exchange your money for time like your boss does. Your boss pays you money so you spend your time to do work so he or she doesn’t have to. How can you do that in your life?

There are other currencies: Knowledge, relationship, & credit

I will give you some simple, off the wall, example of how to exchange these other currencies for more time so you can begin to imagine a whole new world for yourself.

Example 1: I would use my credit to get a huge line of credit. I would then lend that money at a much higher interest rate and make the difference. That money would be used to pay all of my bills and hire everyone I need to run my life. I will have more time then I know what to do with.

Example 2: I would share my knowledge with those looking to create  different life for themselves. I would inspire and educate them with the conversations we have. In return they work for me, for free, because they see the value of the relationship. In the back of their minds they’re getting a huge discount because they should actually be paying me for the opportunity. 

Example 3: I connect someone looking to grow their business with someone else who can make it happen. The business owner is forever grateful that I was generous enough to share the contact I had and vouch for him that he decides to give me equity in his company. His company has incredible growth, goes public, and my equity portion is now worth more than I could ever spend. I never need a job ever again.

I mentioned these examples would be off the wall, but they could happen, and aren’t that farfetched. 

Value your time. No one can do it for you. And if you give it away too freely just remember it won’t come back.